Time Again for Your Seasonal Maintenance Checkup

October 24th, 2018 by

Don’t assume that because your vehicle has been driving fine that it will continue to do so into the next season. Here is what you can expect at your car seasonal maintenance checkup.

The battery in your vehicle is responsible for more than simply starting your car. The battery needs to be inspected and load tested to ensure it can continue to run the doors, windows, radio, navigation system, lights, and all those phone charging stations.

In order to get maximum life out of the tires, they must be rotated this season. This will ensure they wear evenly and will be able to better grip the road in inclement weather. All of the filters will be inspected and changed if needed as well as all the fluids throughout the engine.

The team at Quirk Auto Group value your time and will get the car maintained today and get you on the roads safely.

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